Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year at the children's center
Posted on 05/28/2019
welcome back

Welcome to the Children’s center 2019-2020 school year!

We want to welcome back teacher Stacy and Melanie to yellow cubby, Teacher Monica and Talia to Orange cubby, Teacher Socorro and Brenda to Blue Cubby, and Teacher Tereadel and Amanda to Red Cubby. For the first half of the School year teacher Tereadel is out taking care of her baby and Teacher Alex will be filling in long term for her. Also out on Maternity leave is Teacher Brenda, filling in for her will be teacher Henrico. All teachers or subs are well trained with many years of experience under them. Our team values learning through play and giving all children a positive experience at school. We have an open door policy and families are always welcome to come spend time in the classroom. We encourage families to share their culture and traditions with the classroom, if you have a favorite dish to cook, a book you would love to read, a skill, or any other educational experience to share with the classroom please ask your child’s teacher when the best time is. All the teachers appreciate donations and post a donation list monthly in the classroom. Please feel free to donate as you can it is always appreciated.

We look forward to a great year!